Arens offers a wide array of rugged, direct-acting electronic throttle pedal controls in the FMP series. Through the use of integrated Hall Effect Sensors, these innovative throttle pedal controls offer a reliable, contactless method of movement and position detection that can withstand severe off-highway conditions.

The Hall Effect Sensor on the device has two galvanically-separated reading sources. It can deliver one or two programmable analog signals, or one or two redundant digital signals (PWM 200, 300, 400 or 500Hz). The throttle travel angle calibration for both PWM and analog versions is made automatically during factory programming.


  • Digital and analog versions
  • Rugged die cast or plastic designs
  • Two enclosed return springs
  • Additional return spring built in the throttle sensor
  • Treadle plate and mounting plate made from die cast aluminium
  • Optional integrated kick-down virtual feedback
  • Contactless throttle position sensor (Hall Effect)